Customer Story

A customer friend of ours had sold his business. Ambitiously natured, for his first retirement project he set out to completely restore a 24x28 steel dock painted with standard coatings. He started by removing the seven-year-old twisted, split, splintered pressure-treated decking and dragging it to the dump. He then sanded and scraped the framework to bare metal and applied the best paint he could buy from a major paint store chain. He re-decked the dock with brand new pressure treated wood. He tried re-using the old bumpers and bumper strip, but in the end he bought new (the old stuff was compromised when he took the dock apart).

Our friend applied himself diligently and when he was done, the entire summer had passed. He was exhausted and the quality of the homeowner restoration was less than desired. One day he stopped by the plant and insisted that if we *ever* learn of any customers or prospects that want to restore a dock, we should tell them to call him before being so foolish. He won’t refurbish again; he asked us to put him on the list for an aluminum dock in another five years.

You won’t have to waste your lake leisure time scraping and painting an aluminum dock. An aluminum dock will appreciate in value along with your property and only require an occasional squirt with a hose. Aluminum, when constructed properly, is as strong as or stronger than a steel dock. (There is a reason they build space craft and airplanes and stock cars out of aluminum.)



  • We purchased Lake Keowee’s original dock building company in 1990- we were dock builders before we were aluminum dock manufacturers

  • Heavyweight frame and construction is designed to both ride the waves with the mass of steel yet absorb excess wave energy like an airplane wing.

  • Custom extrusions with ripple tone finish to hide dirt while stiffening and strengthening the extrusion

  • No painting or scraping.  You don't have to watch the paint blister and peel

  • Low maintenance may occasionally require a squirt with a hose

  • Dramatically longer lifetime since aluminum won't rust like steel
  • Double reinforced corners with bracing for strength where you need it most

  • Arched walkways with two structural handrails for safety, strength and beauty; handrails have radius edges-not sharp

  • Pivot/swivel walkway shore mount eliminates the hassle of adjusting winches every time the lake level changes

  • Float and brace on walkway next to hinge connection to dock strengthens and eliminates the bounce often felt in lightweight walkways

  • Our structural roof fascia carries roof load; we can eliminate center in deck roof posts on the wide side(s) for docks up to 30’

  • A stronger roof system that usually does not require cumbersome roof-to-deck diagonal bracing

  • Galvalume coated, electrostatically painted roof panels in your choice of 17 colors. Add a matching cupola and weather vane if you want